Research & Development

Formoso Technologies Group conducts research and development in several areas. These are some of the R&D projects we have undertaken for private companies:


  • Development, construction and operation of a Continuous Mercuric Chloride Plant (Spain).
  • Development, construction, commissioning and continuous operation of a facility for extracting active herbal ingredients (Spain).
  • Development, construction and commissioning of Industrial Wastewater Treatment for Mercury contaminated waters (Spain).


In collaboration with internationally recognised and official research centres:


  • National Metallurgic Research Institute (Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Metalúrgicas – CENIM (CSIC), Madrid, Spain). Research and Development in laboratory and pilot plant to recycle waste tyres.
  • Eduardo Torroja Research Institute (CSIC). Madrid (Spain). Research and development in laboratory and pilot plant for recycling of composites.
  • Agronomical Engineering Institute (Complutense University). Participant in the European “On Cultivo” project which studies the calorific energy value of raw materials in collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (through CEDER).
  • Collaboration with research institutes like Eduardo Torroja (CSIC). Different projects regarding alteration and corrosion of construction materials.