Completed Projects

Some references:


  • Biomass and Pellet / Briquette Projects


Together with our partner we have over 20 years of experience in pellet and briquette plants. Study, design, construction and start-up, turn-key of pellet manufacturing plants with a production capacity ranging from 1.000-20.000 tonnes / year in Ciudad Real, Menorca, Navarra, Toledo, Malaga, Guadalajara, Cuenca and Valladolid.


Design process for briquette plants in Spain and Latin America (Brasil, Colombia and Mexico). Pilot plants in Madrid, Extremadura and Albacete.


  • Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industry:


Implementation of different types of projects in areas such as fuel recycling, metallurgy, manufacturing of chemical agents, recycling of industrial waste etc. The main countries of implementation of these projects have been Spain, Switzerland, Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Senegal and Angola.


We have also developed different processes for a global client base in several fields (Food & agriculture, detergents, wood, metal, water treatment etc).


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