Treatment and recovery of heavy metals

The main advantages of our technology are:


  • Our process and technology allows to completely (“zero waste”) eliminate heavy metals from waste originated during the industrial process.


  • Low operational cost which will also comply with the most strict standards


  • Our facilities eliminate mercury waste and these facilities are approved by environmental authorities

Treatment and recovery of petrochemical waste (Marpoles & refinery sludge)

Our technology allows treatment of marpoles, refinery sludge proceeding from cleaning the storage
tanks and recovered / waste oils.


Some of the main features of our process are:


  • Treatment of marpoles: after an initial treatment (preferably done in the sea) they are taken to land to be recovered. Our technology and equipment allows to recover the fractions of hydrocarbons.


  • Treatment of refinery sludge: theobjective is to recover the usable components from refinery sludge by using physical (low cost) systems such as filtration and centrifugation or by using more complex installations such as distillation. The obtained products are hydrocarbons: a liquid phase which will be treated later on and a solid phase (sludge) which will be deposited in a container for subsequent collection.

Treatment and recovery of used mineral & vegetable oils

Through our processes and depending on the state of the used oil, we a percentage that ranges between 70-80%.


Once recovered and treated, the following use can be given: 


  • Treated mineral oils: Manufacture of lubricant oils and / or lubricating grease.


  • Treated vegetable oils: Manufacture of biodiesel and / or detergent products (soaps).

Removal of nitrites and nitrates

By using our technology both organic as non organic nitrites and nitrates can be eliminated from
industrial waste.


The main features of the process:


  • It is a low cost technological process, easy to install and capable of eliminating high concentrations of both ions in industrial waste.


  • Our process and equipment is capable of eliminating waste with average concentrations of 15000 ppm.