Tannic Acid Ether Grade >99% - Pharmacopoeia USP, BP, DAB

Tannic acid production

Turn-key manufacturing plant of tannic acid 99% purity ether grade (this process is currently being patented). Our technology offers regular certified high quality tannic acid valid for any use (including pharmaceutical industry).


Quality Pharmacopoeia USP (United States), BP (United Kingdom), DAB (Germany).


Advantages of our technology:


  • Low production costs & high quality product (Pharmaceutical standards)
  • Latest European production technology
  • Unskilled low labour-intensive process
  • Wide range of applications for tannic acid
  • Constant production quality
  • Efficiency of the process
  • Extraction with Ether
  • No rejections during flock process
  • No contaminating waste


Professional Experience: Over 25 years part of our team has been responsible for the design of a plant and the manufacture process of tannic acid.