Salts Technology

Formoso Technologies Group offers the technology to manufacture the following salts:


  • Bismuth Salts
  • Mercury Salts
  • Nickel Salts


Our technology includes a system that removes the heavy metals from wastewater (including mercury). It also includes a system that removes nitrites and nitrates from wastewater. We can also offer the removal systems of heavy metal, nitrites and nitrates as a separate technology transfer.


We can develop whichever type of organic or inorganic salt based on these metals.


Competitive advantages of our technology


  • High quality products 
  • Latest European production technology 
  • Unskilled low labour-intensive process 
  • Wide range of applications
  • Constant production quality 
  • Efficiency of the process; Formoso team has 25 years of experience in the process of manufacturing these salts
  • Closed circuit process, minimal use of solvents 
  • Most of these salts are API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and the plant meets GMP standards.
  • Environmentally friendly production methods


Some examples:


Mercury Salts


Mercuric Chloride

Mercurous Chloride

Mercuric Iodide Red

Mercurous Iodine

Mercuric Potasium Iodide Solution

Ammoniated Mercury

Mercuric Oxide Red

Mercuric Oxide Yellow

Mercuric Oxide Black

Mercuric Acetate

Mercuric Sulfate

Mercuric Nitrate

Mercurous Nitrate

Phenylmercury Borate

Phenylmer Nickel Nitrate

Phenylmercury Nitrate

Phenylmercury Hidrate

Phenylmercury Acetate

Mercurichoeme (Merbromine)

Mercuric sulfide black


Bismuth Salts


Bismuth Nitrate Pentahidrate

Bismuth Nitrate Solution

Bismuth Subnitrate Heavy

Bismuth Subnitrate Ligth

Bismuth Subcarbonate

Bismuth Aluminate

Bismuth Oxyiodogalate

Bismuth Oxyiodide

Bismuth Subgallate

Bismuth Oxichloride

Bismuth Tribromophenate Yell

Bismuth Subcitrate

Bismuth Oxide

Bismuth Subsalicilate

Bismuth Sulphate

Bismuth Hidroxide


Nickel Salts


Nickel Nitrate

Nickel Hidroxicarbonate

Nickel Sulfate

Nickel Phosfate

Nickel Acetate

Nickel Hidroxide

Nickel Chloride



*Remember: We can develop whichever type of organic or inorganic salt based on these metals.