Bio-Energy: Pellets and Briquette Plant - Woodpellets

The use of pellets and briquettes for heat production in Europe is growing as is the market for producing and trading pellets. Formoso Tech (in collaboration with its partner) is a recognised name in the Spanish, European and Latin American pellet and briquette sector and has many years of experience in various aspects ranging from technical design to turn-key pellet production technology.


Formoso Tech offers:


  • Expert technological knowledge of pellet and briquette production. We conduct feasibility studies and R&D for pellet and briquette production plants. We have own our pilot plant to apply any type of test required by our clients.


  • Full service tailor-made turn-key pellet production plants: from study of raw material to construction of the plant, start-up phase, training of staff, storage, packaging etc.


  • Raw material, agropellets and briquettes: We can compile an analysis for any type of combustible product or organic residual that can be pelletized and briquetted: woody biomass, herbaceous biomass, fruit biomass, industrial waste, fertilisers, blends and mixtures. Further examples include: sawdust, shavings, woodchips, straw, hay, husks, miscanthus, alfalfa, grains and grass, olive kernels, rape cake and coffee husks. Once the pelletisation tests have been done we will subject the material to a physical and chemical analysis and inform you about its qualities and applications as a pelletized product.


  • Equipment: We collaborate with those manufacturers providing the best and most reliable European equipment and technology available in the pelletisation and briquettisation process: wood processing (de-barker and chipping), storage, drying (drum dryers, belt dryers), milling lines, disc conveyors, pellet mills, vacuum conveying, pellet cooling, packaging and storage.


  • Potential partnerships and an international network within the pellet and briquette sector.


Marketing & Sales of Pellets

Residential use: Through our local providers we offer ENPlus A1 class type pellets which have been manufactured with our technology. For specific requests please contact us.


District heating and industrial use: We also offer a different type of pellet with its particular performance in accordance with the applications for industrial or district heating.


Biomass and Pellet / Briquette Projects:


Together with our partner we have over 20 years of experience in pellet plants. Study, design, construction and start up (turn-key) of pellet manufacturing plants with a production capacity ranging from 1000-20000 tonnes / year in Ciudad Real, Menorca, Navarra, Toledo, Malaga, Guadalajara, Cuenca and Valladolid. Pilot plants in Madrid, Extremadura and Albacete.


Research & Development:


Study of calorific value and biomass potential of the Hispanic and South American flora in collaboration with official research centres. Study of organic residuals and their applications in the energy sector. Participant in the “On Cultivo” project which studies the calorific energy value of raw materials financed by EU funds for Local Development in collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (through CEDER). Collaboration with research institutes like Eduardo Torroja (CSIC) and Shering-Plough & Roche Laboratories.