Formoso Technologies Group: Innovation through experience

For a wide range of industrial projects you will find an experienced partner in Formoso Technologies Group. Our team, consisting of engineers and specialised staff, creates tailor-made innovative solutions specifically adapted to your company’s requirements. Formoso Technologies has earned a solid reputation for know-how, reliability, competence and service. We work within an international network of partners and collaborators and our client base is global.


Distinctive features of Formoso Technologies Group:

  • Wide range of experience obtained through the consultancy projects which we have undertaken.
  • Expert team.
  • Technical know-how and knowledge of each stage of the projects.
  • Agile structure and quick response time.


The main and common features of all our processes are the following:


  • Reliability and European technological standards.
  • Qualified, experienced and professional engineers and technicians.
  • Full-scale tailored service (we will assist you during each stage of your project, from planning, design, execution, start-up, training of staff and sales consultancy). 




To arrange a meeting or request any further information please contact us.